Existing and Emerging technologies

Facilities Management

Sub domain Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Equipment Monitoring and Reliability  Software Interface for Maximo to assist with Managing/Reporting on integrity workscopes   8-9  Repsol Sinopec   
Data management platform for plant and equipment Monitoring  8-9  Spirit   
Software that connects to PI and uses AI to assist with condition monitoring faults diagnosis and plant optimisation   8-9  Spirit   
PEMS (Predictive Emission Monitoring) + Streamlined reporting to improve accuracy of emissions reporting from combustion and Flaring   8-9  Chrysaor   
Wireless Tablet reporting offshore for inspections services   8-9  Enquest   
Integrity Management system – Pressure systems live source data for all integrity data   8-9  Enquest   
Cloud scan – rapid surveying technique for automated offshore surveying   8-9  Enquest   
Load stability system – extends operating envelope during marginal weather conditions, eliminates hazards associated with moving loads on platform deck   8-9  Chrysaor   
Integrated Operations centre   6-7  Repsol Sinopec   
Online CBM – Rotating Equipment CBM & predictive faults analysis   6-7  Repsol sinopec   
Heat exchanger performance monitoring using data analytics  6-7  Chrysaor   
UAV - unburnt hydrocarbons/methane monitoring using drone technology   6-7  Chrysaor/Repsol Sinopec   
CFD to analyse downstream temperatures of choke valve   6-7  Chrysaor   
Power Buoy – generate autonomous renewable energy and enables communication and data transfer via VSAT, to power subsea equipment and monitor exclusion zones   4-5  Premier   
Integrity Monitoring and Inspection  Hand held Tablets and scanning tools for use in fabrication workscopes offshore  8-9  Repsol Sinopec   
Live and Online UT monitoring of erosion/corrosion hotspots   8.9  Repsol Sinopec   
NII Inspection Technologies, Advanced NDT tools   8-9  Repsol Sinopec   
Tablet, Wireless & Wearable technology   8-9  Repsol/Spirit/Ithaca Equinor   
Remote Inspections – Drones, ROV’s, Intelligent pigging   8-9  Taqa/Anasuria  Op Co.   
Software based Condition monitoring services – use AI to predict what, when and why equipment will fail   8-9  Taqa/CNOOC   
TIMP – Technical Integrity Management portal, visualisation of technical safety barriers   8-9  Equinor   
Data driven solutions from distributed fibre optic monitoring; Fibre Optics DAS, DTS, monitoring arrays   8-9  Apache   
Syncro 4D-5D model allows better planning, communication and contract management for asset integrity   8-9  Shell   
Web Based RBI application (XAMIN)   6-7  KNOC   
CUI Camera - Passive TerraHertz sensing technology for the purpose of detection corrosion under insulation (CUI) at a live gas processing site   6-7  Shell   
Non-Intrusive Tank inspection tools   4-5  Ithaca   
GDi Automated Defect detection and reporting from laser imaging scans   1-3  KNOC   
Neutron Backscatter inspection for CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)  1-3  CNR   
Maintenance and Operations  Compressor system redundancy – standby compressors to reduce unplanned process flaring   8-9  CNR   
Gas spiking of 3rd party gas stream to reduce unplanned process flaring and reduce operating costs through offsetting import gas   8-9   CNR   
Installation of Flare gas recovery system   8-9  CNR  Emission Reduction Activities by Flare gas Reduction
3D model-based asset management system using Digital Twin Philosophy APM/PM/MCDR data, live PI data, as built documentation and RBI and cumulative Risk Data   8-9  CNR   
Modumetal Nanogalv surface coating for corrosive and high strength applications   8-9  Shell   
3D Digital twin platform engineering works planning/modelling software   6-7  Premier/Chrysaor/Total    
Plant Triage – a tool to monitor performance of control loops/identify Vulnerabilities/plant instability and reduced reliability   6-7  BP   
Automated production optimisation options for Rosebank   1-3  Equinor   
Urea Injection injection into generator exhaust to reduce NOx levels   1-3  Equinor   
Build AIF (Application Information Factory) on the HANA (software) platform, for the collection, analysis and visualisation of data for business purposes   1-3  Shell   
Collision risk detection decision support tool for DP marine ops   1-3  Equinor   
Develop Autonomous fabric maintenance robotic solution, using latest AI, Machine Vision and Machine learning   1-3  CNR   
ATEX Readibands – Human factors – fatigue management system, a wristband to monitor alertness of personal in offshore roles   1-3  Total   
Facility Integrity Repairs  Alternative insulation systems - thermal jackets for pipework and vessels   8-9  Repsol Sinopec   
Lightweight fire protection coatings – product to repair or replace degraded Passive Fire Protection systems   8-9   Repsol Sinopec   
Closed loop blasting – spent material is cleaned and fed back to the nozzle to reduce airborne particles  8-9   Repsol Sinopec   


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.