Case Study – EIP Bundle recovery system

EIP Bundle recovery system

Subsea factory Process for cutting and handling pipeline bundle sections, deployed from a low-cost vessel such as an Anchor Handler (AHV). 


  • Low-cost vessel
  • No crane required
  • No dropped objects
  • Bundle in manageable sections for onshore handling

Uses shear type bundle cutter integrated to EIP’s Ambient Lifter steered by work class ROV. EIP’s shear tool cut’s bundle into small sections, and pipeline ends are crimped to reduce risk of dropped objects. 

EIP’s Ambient Bundle tool uses variable buoyancy to lift cut sections from cut location to AHV bundle section basket. Double pipe grab system picks up the bundle sections and deposits into basket. 

Based on 67 cuts per kilometre it is estimated that 400m of bundle can be recovered per 24 hours of non-stop operations 

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Ambient Lifter and tooling integration proven to be operable by ROV during customer demonstrations 2019.

Ambient Lifter system proven to be easily scalable with a gross lift of 16 tonnes carried out during customer demonstrations in 2019


Case Study


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