Existing and Emerging technologies

Facilities and Decommissioning

Sub domain Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Data and Planning  Echoscope Realtime monitoring of equipment during reduced visibility   8-9  Chrysaor   
Multiple data source viewer for cross referencing data interpretation software   8-9  Chrysaor   
Decommissioning Estimation tools   8-9  Enquest   
Specialised Drone footage to support Decom   8-9  Enquest   
Software for Decom scheduling and optimisation   6-7  Chrysaor   
Game AI for decom planning, using Artificial Intelligence from computer Games industry to enhance planning software capability   1-3  TAQA   
Late life asset management  Solar powered - Low cost Autonomous Aid to Navigation adopted from Renewables industry   8-9  CNR   
Virtual Guard ship - Platform hosted transponder to create "ghost" entity above subsea infrastructure in AIS mapping systems   8-9  Apache   
Walk to Work modular gangway   8-9  CNR   
Alternative power generation for NUI status: Wind, Solar, Wave energy or Power Storage  6-7  Enquest   
Topsides and Jacket Decommissioning  Single lift Topsides Removal/Single lift Jacket removal using purpose built heavy lift vessels   8-9  Chrysaor/CNR/Enquest/Shell   
Pipeline bundle decommissioning using Buoyant Lifting technology   4-5  KNOC/Total  Bundle decommissioning Case Study  
Internal Lifting Tools for tubulars   4-5  Chrysaor   
Drill cuttings bed sampling methods, taking samples around platform footings   1-3  Enquest   
Accelerated corrosion decommissioning method 1-3    3Sci
Subsea Equipment Decommissioning  Subsea Equipment Decommissioning  8-9  Enquest   
Subsea Excavator for rockpad remedial works   8-9  Chrysaor   
Diamond wire saw optimisation for pipeline and umbilical cutting   8-9  Chrysaor   
Recording of as-left dimensions using 3D Real time Sonar   8-9  Chrysaor   
ROV operated Flange Bolt Cutter for pipeline/riser separation   8-9  CNR   
Shaped Charges to cut tie rods   8-9  Enquest   
Digital waste tracking and management   4-5  Shell   


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