Existing and Emerging technologies

Data and Digital

Sub category Technologies TRL Operators Case Studies
Data acquisition  Drones for inspections of hard-to-reach areas (e.g. flare booms)  8-9 RSRUK, TAQA, Equinor, Anasuria, Shell, Total   
Robotics for hazardous area inspections (e.g. confined spaces)  8-9 Chrysaor, Anasuria, RSRUK, Equinor, Ithaca, Total   
Robotics and autonomous vehicles for hazardous underwater inspections (e.g. splash zone)  8-9 Chrysaor, RSRUK   
Additional sensors to improve PI monitoring resolution, also using Bluetooth comms  8-9 Chrysaor, Shell   
Data entry interfaces to reduce paper-based and multiple entries of inspections /maintenance data  8-9 Chrysaor, Ithaca   
3D laser scanning – cloud point surveys, and 3D photogrammetry models  8-9 Chrysaor, Enquest, Dana, Total   
Visual and IR inspections to identify different operational risks (from fugitive emissions, to fabric integrity)    8-9 Perenco, Chrysaor, RSRUK   
Inspections using drones flying ‘beyond sight’  5-7 RSRUK, Chrysaor   
Autonomous drone inspections (corrosion detection trials)  5-7 BP   
Autonomous surface vessels for pipeline surveying (eg. scouring and free-span issues)  5-7 Perenco   
Autonomous vehicles for inspections of confined spaces (oil tanks) and pressurised vessels  5-7 Chrysaor, Ithaca   
‘Smart-crane’ technology, using cameras to increase safety and efficiency of offshore lift   5-7 Chrysaor, CSL, RSRUK   
Visual detection of pipework vibration (amplification camera technology)  5-7 Apache, CNOOC   
Detection and quantification of gas emissions and releases and using different sensors and drones  5-7 Chrysaor, Perenco   
Using drones to execute maintenance and repairs 3-4 Anasuria   
Data Systems  Digitisation of legacy inspection and maintenance data acquisition processes  8-9 Apache   
Digitisation of legacy asset documentation  8-9 Chrysaor   
Consolidating inspection data in a single database  8-9 TAQA, Anasuria   
Automatic gathering of TAR scope data  8-9 Chrysaor   
Cloud technology for exploration, production and operational reporting data  8-9 Spirit, OGA  Osokey case study 
Centralised cluster-based high-performance computing for subsurface modeling and simulations   5-7 Enquest   
Digital Twin – 3D asset model with links to asset data warehouse  6-7 Shell   
Modeling & Analytics  Rotating equipment condition-based monitoring and predictive fault analysis using existing software packages  8-9 RSRUK, Chrysaor, Spirit, Apache, BP   
Data analytics applied to production and operational data for trend extractions, identification of anomalies, and predictive maintenance  8-9 CNOOC, Total, Shell   
Applying digital twins to new and existing assets  8-9 Equinor, Total   
Data analytics to improve subsurface characterisation, modeling of remaining reserves, and well & reservoir management decisions  8-9 Shell   
Creating 3D dimensional models from laser scan data and HD photogrammetry  5-7 RSRUK, CSL, Shell   
Machine Learning - NNS Missed Pay identification  5-7 Shell, Taqa, Total, BP, Enquest, CNR  NZTC AI/NNS case study 
Modeling and analysing very large data-sets from distributed fibre optics monitoring  5-7 Apache, CNOOC, NZTC  
Chemostratigraphy Machine Learning Tool to identify the formations/facies in a time-efficient way  5-7 CNOOC   
Machine learning - Software automated predictive tools applied to different data / performance prediction & optimisation, inc. Oil in water, Drilling issues, Heat exchangers, and other plant upsets  5-7 Chrysaor, Dana   
Machine Learning – Application to virtual metering  5-7 Shell   
Machine Learning – Application to reservoir modeling for waterflooding  5-7 CNOOC   
Machine Learning – Predicting and preventing process trips, increasing uptime  5-7 Spirit, Dana   
Machine learning – Application to automated drilling controls  5-7 Equinor   
Machine learning – Application to reducing planning uncertainty of marginal undeveloped resources  5-7 Shell   
Machine learning – Application to reduce fuel gas consumption  2-4 Spirit   
Machine learning – Application to decommissioning planning  2-4 TAQA   
Machine learning – Automatic detection of defects from laser scan surveys  2-4 Dana, NZTC  
Visualisation & Interfacing  Interactive media platforms for collaborative work between onshore and offshore  8-9 Many operators   
Hololens augmented reality for cost-effective facilities construction  8-9 Equinor, CSL   
Dynamic visualisation of work execution planning and change management  8-9 RSRUK   
Exception-based surveillance using Pi data and tools  8-9 Spirit, Chrysaor   
Loading, logistics, and deck space visualisation tool  8-9 Equinor   
Process safety, and integrity condition dashboards for assets  8-9 Equinor, Apache, RSRUK, Chrysaor   
Productivity & Safety  Enhancement  Integrated operations centres (IOCs) and virtual control rooms, connecting shore with offshore, and integrating expert support for multiple assets  8-9 Many operators   
Web-based technology to allow vendors to book logistics  8-9 Shell   
Efficient check-in process to allow reduction of check in time  8-9 Shell, Equinor   
Planning solutions to simplify, expedite, and improve accuracy of permit to work processes  8-9 Shell   
Deploying additional medical competencies remotely / tele-medicine  8-9 Equinor   
Wireless and wearable technologies to enhance data capture, data flow, and information sharing with crews  8-9 Many operators   
Advanced analytics and collaborative interfaces for well planning  8-9 BP, Equinor   
Cumulative risk picture and visualisation, related to area entries and linked with permit to work  5-7 Equinor   
Automated red zone controls – Camera systems to alert if personnel in red zone  5-7 Equinor   
Advanced manufacturing techniques, inc 3D printing, to manufacture / remanufacture spare parts   5-7 Total   
Connectivity  Implementation of WIFI/4G LTE connections for wearable and wireless data devices  8-9 Many operators   
WIFI for inspections live streaming  8-9 RSRUK   
BLUETOOTH Condition Monitoring Sensors  8-9 Shell, Apache   
Remote safety hazard monitoring systems for NUIs  8-9 Chrysaor   
ATEX rating of wirelss and wearable devices  8-9 Many operators   
Wired drill pipes  5-7 Equinor   


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The OGA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.