Delivery programme

Working with the Technology Leadership Board (TLB) and the industry, the OGA has defined a technology strategy aiming at making the UK Continental Shelf once again globally competitive.

The aim of this strategy is to create the right set of conditions to use best-in-class technologies and develop new ones in order to:

  • Achieve the MER UK objectives in revitalising exploration, developing marginal and difficult reserves, and improving efficiency of operations and decommissioning
  • Grow net exports of technology equipment and services by the UK-based supply chain

The OGA technology strategy combines the efforts of the OGA, the TLB, the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), the wider industry and research organisations to achieve a “step change” in the way technology can positively impact industry performance. Key priorities include:

In the near-term (1–3 years)

  • Establish widespread adoption of best practices and technologies across companies and international basins to reduce operating costs and extend the life of the UKCS producing fields
  • Introduce technologies and techniques to reduce field development costs, improve recovery, reduce the cost of decommissioning and unlock existing hydrocarbon discoveries which are not currently being pursued
  • Stimulate R&D activity, to progress technology programmes more effectively and efficiently with industry’s early commitment to deploy in field developments and operations

In the medium-term (3–5 years)

  • Establish prototype testing and trials of new technologies
  • Increase the number of field and/or area development plans which are successfully unlocked by technology, including asset life extensions relying on advancing technologies and techniques
  • Identify and progress a pipeline of technology opportunities to further enhance, over time, the position of the UK as a global centre of excellence in oil and gas technologies

In the longer-term (5–10 years)

  • Bring about full scale deployment of advanced technologies to operate offshore in a fundamentally more efficient way, while finding and recovering hydrocarbons currently considered uneconomic
  • Working together with the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), the Department for International Trade (DIT), the industry and trade associations, to reinforce the UK technology leadership in oil and gas equipment and services to grow net exports of technology equipment and services

The Technology Delivery Programme builds on the above strategy and describes in more detail how and when key activities will be delivered through the joint work of the OGA and other stakeholders. The Delivery Programme covers also the various obligations and commitments from the MER UK Strategy, the Energy Act, the OGA Corporate Plan 2016-2021, as well as the overall principles of the OGA stewardship.

The Programme focuses on the short to medium term (2016 and 2017) during which the OGA starts implementing its technology strategy. During this period, the OGA will collect feedback from the industry and other stakeholders and use these learnings to establish subsequent, longer-term programmes.