Delivery programme

Working with the Technology Leadership Board (TLB) and the industry, the OGA has defined a Technology Delivery Programme aiming at making the UK Continental Shelf once again globally competitive.

The Technology Delivery Programme builds on the Technology Strategy and describes in more detail how and when key activities will be delivered through the joint work of the OGA and other stakeholders. The Delivery Programme covers also the various obligations and commitments from the MER UK Strategy, the Energy Act, the OGA Corporate Plan 2016-2021, as well as the overall principles of the OGA stewardship.

The Programme focuses on the short to medium term (2016 and 2017) during which the OGA starts implementing its technology strategy. During this period, the OGA will collect feedback from the industry and other stakeholders and use these learnings to establish subsequent, longer-term programmes.

These actions align with the objectives of the OGA Activity Plan 2017-2018.

1. Technology Strategy - Work with the TLB and industry to develop a UKCS Technology Strategy and Delivery Programme

2. TLB and MER UK Forum - Reinforce TLB priorities and theme groups, developing links with other Task Forces under the MER UK Forum

3. Deliver on technology priorities - a) Well cost reduction. Reduce cost of drilling and construction by over 50% allowing additional UKCS reserves to be developed; b) Small pools. Unlock development of marginal UKCS discoveries by reducing costs and technology leverage; c) Asset integrity. Achieve efficiencies in integrity inspection and maintenance costs, achieving greater production uptime; d) Digital technology. Deploy advanced methods to acquire, share, analyse and use data for diagnostics and decision-making; and e) Decommissioning. Drive efficiencies through technology in wells plugging and abandonment (P&A) and facilities decommissioning

4. Industry engagement - Engage operators on their UKCS Technology Plans for the development and deployment of optimal technologies

5. Technology deployment - Accelerate development, piloting and deployment of key technologies, including through collaboration and campaigns

6. Monitoring and benchmarking - Monitor UKCS activities and investments in technology (development to deployment) and sharing of best practices; report progress and benefits


Technology Delivery Programme