The Oil and Gas Cross Party Group promotes the competitiveness of the key sectors within the UK oil and gas supply chain.

The UK Oil and Gas Cross Party Groups was set up to examine and promote the competitiveness of the offshore fabrication sector. However, its work is not restricted to the fabrication sector; the OGA is considering how the model can be used to assist other sectors of the industry.

The group comprises two MPs from the major political parties and is chaired by the UK Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. The group will report progress on an annual basis to the MER UK Forum.

The group has three priorities:

  1. Proactively engaging with operators who have recently completed major UKCS infrastructure projects in UK fabrication yards to understand their experience and areas for future improvement.
  2. Meet with the UK fabrication sector to understand their perspective and inform them of the feedback from UKCS operators
  3. Engage with public sector economic development departments (BEIS, the Department for International Trade, Scottish Enterprise and Invest Northern Ireland

The group has the flexibility to consider other related issues which could have a positive impact on jobs and value creation. The geographical focus will cover the whole of the UK, albeit it will have representation from the major oil and gas fabrication hubs including the North East and East of England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The group works closely with the Oil and Gas Authority to determine areas where it can assist in improving both the competitiveness and reputation of the UK fabrication sector and in doing so increase the levels of contracts being won by competent UK companies.