The OGA’s general approach to consulting from 1 January 2018

 The following is the general approach the OGA will normally take on consulting (including on guidance):

  • Where there is a statutory duty or other legal expectation on the OGA to consult, the OGA will hold a formal consultation *.
  • Where the OGA is to issue a formal consultation, the OGA may hold an informal consultation/road-testing ** before doing so.
  • Otherwise, where the OGA intends to either change or clarify its processes through guidance or other means; or input into legislative proposals, the OGA may hold an informal consultation/road-testing ** before doing so, depending on the impact of the change or input.

* Formal consultation: with a document published on the OGA’s website. The  OGA will aim for a minimum of 4 weeks wherever possible, and longer if appropriate

** Informal consultation/road-testing: to check for unintended consequences, factual accuracies and/or clarity of the guidance or proposal, normally via the MER UK Steering group or a MER UK taskforce.


Financial Penalty Guidance

Sanctions Procedure

Exercise of the OGA’s powers

Satisfactory Expected Commercial Return (SECR)

Enquiry Guidance


Disputes resolution guidance

Guidance on disputes over third party access to infrastructure


Offshore licence applications guidance

Licensee financial guidance 

Licence assignments and relinquishments guidance

Licence assignments and relinquishments (PEARS Guidance)

Guidance for a licence assignment application

Guidance note of OGA’s licensing exploration and development charges regime

Applications for ancillary rights under the Mines (Working Facilities and Support) Act 1966 by holders of Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences

Payment of licence rentals

Pipeline Works Authorisations

PWA applications

Open Permission applications


Guidance on the legislative requirements for consent to drill and conduct other activities on a well

Well Operations and Notifications System (WONS) guidance

PETS – Industry User Guidance

Extended Well Tests (EWTs)

Production Consents

Requirements for the planning of and consent to offshore FDPs

Guidance on the preparation and content of offshore FDP documents

Field Consents System

Flaring and venting

Flaring and venting overview

Flaring and venting during the commissioning phase

Flaring and venting during the production phase

Carbon Storage / Gas Storage and unloading

Carbon storage

Application guidance - carbon dioxide storage permit

Carbon Dioxide Appraisal and Storage Licensing and Permit Requirements

Gas storage including application guidance and development plan guidance 

Asset Stewardship

Stewardship expectations and corresponding implementation guides

Stewardship review guidance

Guidance in the development and use of Area plans

Collaborative behaviour quantification tool assessment guidance

Guidance on the management of offshore licence work programme commitments 

Petroleum Operations Notices (PONS)

Petroleum Operations Notices Guidance (PONS)     

Consolidated onshore guidance

Onshore Licences

Cessation of Production (CoP) Guidance

Decommissioning Variation Application: Guidance for planning proposed subsea pipeline works associated with decommissioning

Decommissioning of Offshore oil and gas installations and pipelines (External BEIS Guidance)

Guidance for Suspended Wells

Supply Chain Action Plans guidance

Information and Samples

Guidance on Reporting and disclosure of Information and Samples 

Guidance on information and samples plans

Guidance on the role of information and samples coordinators

Guidance on retention of information and samples


Well Operations and Notifications System (WONS) guidance

Portal Environmental Tracking System (PETS) – Industry User Guidance (BEIS)


Licence assignments and relinquishments (PEARS Guidance)

Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Guidance on well notifications (HSE) 

Well abandonment guidance (OGUK)

Infrastructure code of practice (OGUK)

Industry Behavioural Guidelines

Oil Taxation Manual (HMRC)