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Supply Chain & Exports Strategy

The UK offshore energy service sector needs to be at the forefront of the net-zero challenge: enabling the UK’s oil and gas firms to achieve MER UK and partnering with the renewable energy industry to meet the decarbonisation challenge. The sector is strongly positioned to provide vital services to all areas of the energy sector, including supporting the transition of jobs from long-standing oil and gas roles into the lower-carbon economy.

The previous strategy (Published 2016) centred around MER UK and exports, these themes remain vital to the success of the sector, along with an increased focus on our contribution to achieving net-zero through an integrated energy supply chain. 

Underpinning the three key priorities above are six consistent themes that emerge when we look at how to deliver success: The industry role-modelling the right culture & behaviours; acceleration in the pace of change, adoption of new thinking and technologies; embracing of the right commercial models between different elements of the supply chain; driving the digital transformation needed across the industry; opening opportunities for investment and partnership through greater transparency and visibility of data; and working together to support exports by leveraging UK PLC including maximising the “soft diplomacy” opportunities that exist.

The new Supply Chain and Exports Strategy, published in conjunction with the Supply Chain and Exports Task Force, can be viewed here.