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Sign up for NorEX 2019 – Southern North Sea Exploration Conference

Collaboration and innovation – stimulating exploration activity

  • Venue: Norfolk Showground, Norwich
  • Date: 16 May 2019
  • Admission: Free, By Invitation

The Southern North Sea (SNS) has been producing for some 50 years with more than 50 tcf of gas already produced, helping to meet the energy needs of the UK. However continued exploration is required to find new discoveries in the region.

The SNS meets some 20% of the UK’s gas demand with further new developments planned in the coming years, which will help support future supply. The OGA estimates almost 8 tcf mean prospective resources remain in the SNS, in addition to the significant volumes in marginal discoveries, producing fields, and proposed new developments.

The objective of NorEX 2019 is to promote this exploration potential and signpost to explorers where these opportunities might exist.

This one-day exploration event is being organised jointly by the Oil and Gas Authority in collaboration with EEEGR’s flagship Southern North Sea Conference and Exhibition SNS2019 (15-16 May 2019). The SNS2019 Exhibition is free to attend, however registration is required.

NorEX 2019 aims to raise the profile of the active exploration taking place within the Southern North Sea energy sector and will include workshops addressing the themes for day.

These are:

  • Improving commerciality of existing prospectivity
  • Generating new prospectivity
  • Maturing new and existing plays in a suitable time frame.
  • Exploration and the energy transition

The delegates and presenters will include a mix of exploration geoscientists, industry and regulatory organisations, academia, and service companies. There will also be opportunity for informal discussion and networking to help uncover new collaborative opportunities.

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