ODS Production Page

How to view Production data

There are a couple of ways to view the information you are looking for (using the Huntington field as an example):

  • Through Open Data tools

    • Go to this page - http://data-ogauthority.opendata.arcgis.com/pages/production
    • Scroll down and click this graphic:

    • Select the top report - OGA Field Production, PPRS (WGS84)
    • Go to the ‘Data’ tab on the at page (at the top)

    • Click the filter symbol on Reporting Unit Name

    • A box appears above for reporting unit name, use the drop down and type into it ‘HUNTINGTON’

    • Apply as many filters as you want to narrow down your search results or to make your query more specific)
  • Through a dynamic web link

    You can save a filtered version of the data tab as a dynamic web link on your desktop. This will enable you to always view the most up to date production data without applying the filters every time you visit the Open Data site. Copy the URL and save it as a shortcut on your desktop.

  • Through a download

    On the same page you linked to, go to Download on the top right. You can download the entire production history as a spreadsheet and use Excel tools to filter.

  • Through the Production subpage

    • Go to the main open data site, and there is a link to a production subpage. Here’s the direct link: https://data-ogauthority.opendata.arcgis.com/pages/production
    • Click on the top image to take you through to one of our two dashboards.
    • On the top left box, you’ll see several ways to filter across the top. Use the filter by company, field, and unit type and search for Huntington, then use the switch on the top right to switch that filter on.

    • If you want to view the results on the graphs in the middle, go back to the first tab (filter by date), set the dates you want, then use the switch on the top right to switch that filter on too.
    • If you wanted to download your filtered information as a spreadsheet, on the bottom table, go to Options at the top, and Export all to CSV.

  • Through the Production sub page

    • Scroll down on the production subpage to view the Power BI dashboard. At the top, there’s a Field Name filter, type in Huntington and click the suggestion it gives you.

    • You can use the boxes on the top left to view the type of production you need.