OGA Information Management Forum

The OGA Information Management Forum is a joint OGA and industry forum that has the following objectives:

  • Leadership and support for the development and deployment of the Information Management Strategy and Delivery Programme
  • Create conditions to transform Information Management and operator alignment and appropriate business models
  • Develop & deliver transformative solutions to greatly enhance data access, Business Intelligence & improve collaboration / behaviours
  • Develop appropriate business models to break down barriers and unlock low cost solutions
  • Support the stewardship, retention, reporting and publication of information and data to maximise MER UK benefits

The forum is in the process of identifying a number of work streams on which industry and the OGA can collaborate, and is currently working on two work streams:

  • Supporting the development and implementation of forthcoming regulations and guidelines in support of the Energy Act 2016.
  • Defining what data needs to be retained after a decommissioning event.