NDR User Group

The OGA Digital Energy Platform Advisory Committee (DEPAC) has initiated the NDR User Group to encourage the user community to:

  • share user experiences of using the service;
  • highlight areas that may require enhancement, and;
  • propose future developments for the service.

The NDR enables reporting and disclosure of “petroleum related information”, and collaboration between licence groups. In addition, following the laying of the OGA Strategy integrating net zero in MER UK, the NDR service will evolve to support and enable the wider objectives of government, industry, academia and others. The NDR User Group reports its findings and recommendations to the DEPAC

The NDR User Group Terms of Reference are available here:

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The slides presented at the inaugural NDR User Group meeting held in March 2021 are available here.  This presentation contains information about the transition to the new NDR service including indicative cut-off dates for service provision and new administrative arrangements for NDR operation. Additional information on transition arrangements will be posted on the NDR Information page.

Any queries you have in relation to the migration to the new NDR should be directed to ndr@ogauthority.co.uk


The NDR Transition Project – additional information on the transition. Note: Dates below are indicative only and subject to change as notified by the OGA.


OGA contract awarded to Osokey Limited for the provision of NDR Services.

Spring 2021

During spring 2021 the OGA will notify users of a “freeze” date from which point the NDR in  will be in “read only” mode for all users. Users will be able to search, access and download any data that they have entitlement to.

Summer 2021

The initial deployment of the new NDR service is intended to include workflows and functionality required by industry users, principally offshore petroleum licensees, whose obligation to report information to the OGA is dependent upon the availability of the NDR.

Data search, download and user account administration will continue to be available in the current system until the end of June.

Autumn 2021

Following the launch of the new NDR service, the OGA will ensure the decommissioning of the old system. Information and Samples Coordinators will be encouraged to review information transferred to the new NDR where their organisation is assigned as owner.