Recent highlights


February 2021

Revised OGA Strategy comes into force


December 2020

OGA launches study of potential energy hub site

Murchison Decom

November 2020

Online resource launched to help kick-start decom campaigns


September 2020

OGA publishing vital historic seismic data


September 2020

Offers of award for 32nd Offshore Licensing Round

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August 2020

UKCS: Energy Integration: Final report published


July 2020

UKCS Production Efficiency hits 80%

Gas Footprint Cover Sheet

May 2020

Gas footprint analysis report published


May 2020

OGA Strategy consultation begins (closed on 29 July 2020)


April 2020

Inclusion report published

brent delta decomissioning picture.PNG

February 2020

Decommissioning Learning microsite promotes industry examples

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January 2020

OGA Chairman challenges the sector to respond to the energy transition challenge

Digital Strategy

December 2019

OGA publishes its Digital Strategy 2020 - 2025

EI Report

December 2019

The OGA publishes the 'UKCS Energy Integration: Interim Findings'' report.

MER Uk Award2

November 2019

The 2019 MER UK Award winners announced.

Proj Insights

October 2019

OGA publishes ‘2018 UKCS Projects Insights Report’.

OGA UKCS Operating Costs Report_rev.png

August 2019

The UKCS Operating Costs 2018 report published.

Expect overview.PNG

July 2019

Revised Stewardship Expectations published

32nd round.PNG

July 2019

32nd Offshore Licensing Round launched

Decom cost report.PNG

July 2019

UKCS Decommissioning Cost Estimate report 2019 published


June 2019

Production Efficiency results published - rises for 6th consecutive year to 75% in 2018

31st round.PNG

June 2019

Offer of Awards for the UK’s Frontier 31st Offshore Licensing Round


May 2019

UKCS Technology Insights Report published

corporate plan front cover.PNG

April 2019

The OGA has published its latest Corporate Plan, outlining the priority activities it will focus on over the next five years (2019-2024).


March 2019

UK's first National Data Repository (NDR) officially launched.

obr image.JPG

March 2019

Projections of UK Oil and Gas Production and Expenditure 2018 Report shows that UK oil and gas production rises to 1.7 million barrels per day in 2018

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January 2019

OGA launches the Supplementary 31st Offshore Licensing Round


December 2018

OGA awards its first CO2 appraisal and storage licence


November 2018

2018 MER UK award winners announced.

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November 2018

Positive interest in UK's 31st Offshore Licensing Round

pic for fdp guidance.PNG

November 2018

OGA's 'UK Oil and Gas: Reserves and Resources' report published.

Wells Insight report front cover.PNG

October 2018

The OGA publishes Well Insight Report 2018 and suspended well guidance


September 2018

The report 'Gas To Wire: UK SNS and EIS' published highlighting that partnering between gas platforms & windfarms could see more power generated


August 2018

Disclosure and Samples Regulations came into force

31st LR press photo.jpg

July 2018

Launch of 31st Offshore Licensing Round - frontier round offers 1779 blocks and 370,000 km2 of open acreage, supported by government-funded data

brent delta decomissioning picture.PNG

June 2018

The OGA publishes updated Decommissioning Cost Estimate Report and on-line decommissioning lessons learned tool-kit

info 30.png

May 2018

OGA announces 30th Offshore Licensing Round award offers

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May 2018

Production Efficiency in 2017 rises to 74%

Chevron Captain2.jpg (2)

March 2018

Extra 2.8 billion barrels identified in OGA’s projections to 2050


January 2018

New leaders appointed to MER UK Task Force groups

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December 2017

'Analysis of UKCS Operating Costs in 2016' report published


December 2017

Supply Chain Action Plans guidance published

tight gas.JPG

November 2017

2017 Stewardship Survey for the UKCS launched


October 2017

Polymer Enhanced Oil Recovery report published

reserves and resources.PNG

October 2017

UK Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources report published

rf image.JPG

September 2017

UKCS Recovery Factor Benchmarking report published


September 2017

Enhanced 30th Licensing Round data packages made available


August 2017

Technology Forum held at the AECC

30th Round map.png

July 2017

Launched the 30th Offshore Licensing Round with 821 blocks or part blocks on offer in mature areas of the UKCS.


July 2017

12 licences awarded in the 2016 Supplementary Offshore Oil and Gas Licensing Round


June 2017

UKCS Production Efficiency in 2016 report published


June 2017

UKCS Decommissioning 2017 Cost Estimate Report published

Capture.JPG (2)

May 2017

£1.5 million in contracts awarded for subsurface databases

Captain 5.jpg

April 2017

Collaboration Implementation Guide and Collaborative Behaviour Quantification Tool (CBQT) published


March 2017

25 licences awarded in 29th Offshore Licensing Round


March 2017

Activity Plan 2017 and 2018 published


February 2017

The MER UK Forum and Boards Annual update was published

Chevron Captain2.jpg (2)

December 2016

Two additional information and samples powers within the Energy Act 2016 were brought into force

MER UK Awards.jpg

November 2016

Second MER UK Awards celebrate positive behaviours to maximise economic recovery

asset stewardship expectations.PNG

October 2016

Launched Asset Stewardship Expectations, one element of the Asset Stewardship Strategy