Case Studies of MER UK in action

The Oil and Gas Authority and industry are working together to achieve MER UK. 

  • Southern Wye Project: OGA engaged with senior leadership within the Fulmar, Stella, Janice, J-Block and Norpipe Operators to connect the Stella Floating Production Facility (FPF), and the wider Greater Stella Area, to the available tie-in point on the Norpipe oil pipeline system to increase long-term Stella field operating efficiency.
  • Marathon Oil Pipeline Works Authorisation (PWA): OGA worked with Marathon Oil, together with the Brae JV Partners, to fast track Marathon Oil’s application for a PWA to install a new umbilical system, thus safeguarding future West Brae production and increasing the availability of the Subsea Production Control System.
  • Lancaster fractured basement reservoir.  The OGA identified Lancaster as a key priority and worked closely with Hurricane Energy to help understand the field and the main uncertainties that would need to be overcome to unlock this exciting new play type.


Case studies