Case Studies of MER UK in action

The Oil and Gas Authority and industry are working together to achieve MER UK. Please note - Examples provided are for illustrative purposes only. The OGA does not provide endorsements or investment recommendations.

  • Southern Wye Project: OGA engaged with senior leadership within the Fulmar, Stella, Janice, J-Block and Norpipe Operators to connect the Stella Floating Production Facility (FPF), and the wider Greater Stella Area, to the available tie-in point on the Norpipe oil pipeline system to increase long-term Stella field operating efficiency.
  • Marathon Oil Pipeline Works Authorisation (PWA): OGA worked with Marathon Oil, together with the Brae JV Partners, to fast track Marathon Oil’s application for a PWA to install a new umbilical system, thus safeguarding future West Brae production and increasing the availability of the Subsea Production Control System.
  • Joanne Field:  As a result of early engagement by the operator, ConocoPhillips, the OGA were able to fast-track their application for a pipeline works authorisation variation consent, thus demonstrating savings to the operator, in project costs and protected production.
  • Bruce Field: After being approached by the operator, BP, the OGA recognised the potential for significant production deferral and as a result fast tracked the pipeline works authorisation variation application, ensuring production levels were unaffected.
  • Onshore disposal of Buchan Alpha: The OGA Supply Team worked closely with a number of organisations to help the recently upgraded facilities at Dales Voe, in Shetland, prepare a competitive bid for the onshore disposal of Repsol Sinopec's  Buchan Alpha floating facility.  The bid was ultimately successful.
  • Unsanctioned Discoveries information pack: The OGA,as part of the Technology Leadership Board's (TLB) Small Pools Work Group, and supported by a number of other organisations, produced an information pack highlighting the significant remaining potential, of more than 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent,  in approximately 350 unsanctioned discoveries across the UKCS.
  • Well Hackathon:  In conjunction with the TLB workgroup and the Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) the OGA ran a hackathon event in January 2017, at the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) to explore how new and 'new to wells' technologies could transform the way wells are constructed and drilled on the UKCS.


Case studies