Right Scoping Group

Influence at Concept Select Stage

  • Actively promote Right-Scoping principles​
  • Influence well design to minimum technical scope
  • Using Scrutiny sessions, share best practices across the UKCS

KPIs (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented)

  • Achieve a “HIGH” rating on benefits of applying RS principles to well planning at Concept Select phase
  • 10% improvement on days/10,000ft against Operator’s historical performance
  • Delivery of 4 Scrutiny Sessions per year for wells in Concept Select Stage


Delivery of new and sidetracked development wells, and new exploration and appraisal wells​.


Continually improve and actively promote right-scoping guidelines, with particular focus on improving wells that are not economic.


  • Industry KPI’s will demonstrate improvements ​
  • Monthly workgroup meetings​
  • 4 wells volunteered for Right Scoping Improvement sessions​
  • Feedback results of these sessions into right scoping case studies