Cultural Change

Cultural Change Champion

Early in 2017 Steve Phimister, VP and Director, Shell UK was appointed Industry Cultural Change Champion.  The requirement for cultural change across the UKCS was identified in the Wood Review and while the OGA has seen some excellent examples of collaboration, there are, however, still some instances of poor behaviours.

The role of the Industry Cultural Change Champion alongside the task forces leaders, is to act as a catalyst for behavioural change to embed, sustain and accelerate the cultural change of the industry through the integration, prioritisation and sponsorship of change activities.

Industry Cultural Change Champion - Terms of Reference

Industry Cultural Change Champion - Phase 1 Report (December 2017)

Industry Cultural Change Champion - High Level Action Areas for 2018 Implementation

Collaborative behaviours case studies template

Industry Behavioural Guidelines for Creating Quality Area Plans

Industry is tasked with leading the development and delivery of Area Plans. The OGA estimates that effective use of Area Plans has the potential to unlock ~4 billion barrels of resources. Area Plans require numerous participants, with different interests, to collaborate on a shared long-term view of the optimal way to achieve MER UK, whilst supporting the drive to net zero carbon by 2050, in a specific set of circumstances. Success will require new ways of working – the eight critical behaviours described in the Collaborative Behaviour Quantification Tool (CBQT) are key enablers. As a result, industry has come together and created Guidelines, below, to help those involved in Area Plans to apply these eight behaviours. The Guidelines highlight the importance of working with trust, transparency and momentum to explore new ideas and thereby establish and sustain an “Area Plan with MER UK and net zero focus”. The Guidelines aim to help participants set up for success by providing advice, sharing insights from existing Area Plan groups, and signposting relevant tools and resources. The Guidelines have been developed with the support of the OGA and Oil & Gas UK.

Industry Behaviourial Guidelines

Industry Behavioural Guidelines - Full Version

Industry Behavioural Guidelines - Short Version

Industry Behavioural Guidelines - Supplement to Short Version


Decision Roadmaps

Decision Dialogue Process

Decision Quality

Facilitative Leadership

Infographic: Industry Behavioural Guidelines for Creating Quality Area Plans - Download

Sharing Best Practice 

Sharing good examples of collaboration that can be replicated across the basin is an important way to help catalyse meaningful behavioural change and improve performance.  A cross-selection of recent Case Studies has been collated and can be accessed via the links below. Some of these case studies were profiled at an industry-wide Cultural Change event for senior managers on 7th December. We need to keep the learning and the conversations going, so why not share your own case study (you can use the template above) from within your own organisations?

The OGA Area Plans