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The ASTF X-Industry Learning group (cross Industry Learning Group), a subgroup of the Asset Stewardship Task Force, aims to identify best practices from other industries or sectors.

A key method of doing this is by facilitating visits to companies out with the Oil and Gas Sector.

To date 3 visits have taken place to:

The visits allow participants to see first-hand the way other organisations approach similar challenges to those their own companies may experience and identify transferrable learnings. The visits also allow participants to make connections that enable future engagements.

If you’ve been unable to participate in any of the visits to date but are keen to see some of the learnings identified, follow this link to view the visit summaries. If you want to know more about any of the visits please contact:

ASTF X-Industry Learning mailbox

Further visits are currently being planned so keep an eye on the website for details and email ASTF X-industry learning mailbox if you’re interested in attending.

Terms of Reference (Objectives, Milestones, Scope, Deliverables, Taskgroup members and Meetings frequency)


The overarching objective of the Cross-Industry Learning Task Group is to identify best practices from other industries or sectors, increase visibility of these practices to the oil and gas industry, and help disseminate learnings from engagements with other industries.

Supporting the above, the Group aim to;

  • look for learnings that are widely transferrable/accessible, and two-way sharing opportunities where possible
  • identify how to bring cultural/behavioural elements to the learning opportunities
  • as part of the effort to inform, develop shareable material in a format to challenge the industry to think about, investigate and implement learnings
  • provide opportunities for companies to develop a wider network and promote discussion on the covered topics.

2019 Milestones

1H 2019

  • Finalise material summarising prior industry engagements
  • Publish the engagement summaries on the OGA ASTF website (create X-industry group sub-site)
  • Develop a communication strategy for future engagements organised by the group

2H 2019

  • Develop one cross-industry engagement, targeting the previously identified areas of common interest, and advertising in advance for broader participation in the event.
  • Disseminate learnings from the event, per communication plan.


In scope:

  • Focus on common areas of interest that are pertinent to Asset Stewardship
  • Develop and maintain a list of potential future topics based on Group and ASTF input
  • Consider delivering information via guest presentations and/or site visits
  • Utilise Oil & Gas UK and OGA to help advertise

Out of scope:

  • The group will not maintain a repository of learning opportunities with respect to Asset Stewardship


  • Identify Asset Stewardship common themes of interest.
  • Deliver events centred around common themes of interest that present participants with an opportunity to;
  • be informed about other industry or other sector practices
  • develop learnings and/or relationships which lead to improvements in Asset Stewardship
  • Prepare a communication plan for outcomes from common theme efforts to support dissemination across a wider audience

Taskgroup Members

  • Tim Martin (Acteon)
  • Brian Rodger (CNOOC)
  • Selma Hunter (Doosan Babcock)
  • Margaret Rogacki (ExxonMobil)
  • Alistair Macfarlane (OGA)
  • Nick Readman (Total)
  • Craig Shanaghey (Wood)

Meeting frequency

  • Face to face 4x per year
  • Additional calls/meetings as required when planning event