Asset Stewardship Task Force

Asset Stewardship Task Force video 


The Asset Stewardship Task Force (ASTF) works to improve asset stewardship in the UK Continental Shelf area (UKCS) by leading four working group:

  • Production Efficiency
  • Reserves Progression
  • Integrity and Asset Stewardship
  • Cross Industry Learning

The Task Force has key relationships with other North Sea Transition task forces especially Technology, Supply Chain and Exports and Efficiency.


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Meeting minutes

26 May 2020

Previous minutes/actions and resolutions 


Terms of reference


  • OGA and Industry co-chair, defining task force principles and terms of reference
  • OGA provides Secretariat to support task force
  • OGA or industry co-chair represent task force at North Sea Transition Steering Group
  • Task force membership comprises a diverse group of senior operations and business managers from operators, supply chain and other industry sectors
  • Task force membership derived from commitment to active attendance and contribution
  • Task force priorities delivered via task groups with clear terms of reference and a small number of deliverables per annum


Improve project and producing asset stewardship in the UKCS to deliver efficient reserves recovery and leverage lessons from other high hazard industries through the following :

  • existing production efficiency, project optimisation and EOR task group product delivery
  • Base Management: build on PETF “Plant and Export choke” efficiency improvements with 2017 focus on “Reservoir and Well chokes” targeting use of seismic technology and well/ well-work opportunity management
  • Integrity Management: work with Health & Safety Executive to identify an asset integrity initiative which would benefit from task force support
  • Transfer Learnings: identify asset stewardship learnings from nuclear industry and mechanisms to share in oil and gas sector
  • Strategy: Monitor industry response to Asset Stewardship Strategy/Expectations and champion a 2018 review
  • Expertise: Provide access to subject matter experts to inform key elements of the task force’s priorities, and annual review of task force and task group membership to ensure efficient and fit for purpose.
  • Monitor 2016 priorities

Contact details

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