Decommissioning Task Force

The OGA is committed to achieving the maximum economic extension of field life and ensuring that decommissioning is executed in a safe, environmentally sound and cost effective manner. Full information about the OGA'S decommissioning remit and priorities are available on the decommissioning pages.

The task force has key relationships with other MER UK task forces.


 Industry lead supported by the OGA


Terri King (Conoco Phillips)

Gunther Newcombe (OGA), support lead

Win Thornton (BP)

Roy Aspden (CNRI)

Nigel Lees (Wood)

Mike Tholen (Oil & Gas UK)

Pauline Innes (BEIS) 


Decommissioning Community Updates 

Actions & Resolutions

Task Force Groups

Cost Certainty and Reduction

Delivery Capability model

Regulatory Guidance

Well P&A Optimisation Programme

The Decommissioning Task Force Project Governance Model can be viewed here

Terms of reference


  • OGA chairs, defining task force principles and terms of reference, and providing the Secretariat to support task force and programs
  • OGA Chair & Industry Lead represent task force at Oil & Gas Day
  • Core board comprise of a diverse group of senior executives from operators and supply chain, with representation from trade bodies, government groups, academia and consultants as needed.


  • Leadership and support for the development and deployment of the Decommissioning Strategy, Plan and Process
  • Cost Reduction: Deliver a 35% reduction in decommissioning costs (>£17 billion)
  • Supply Chain development: Support growth of competitive decom market and supply chain, to maximise UK benefits incl. export potential
  • Policy & stakeholders management: Influence policies, legislation and related guidance, and increase stakeholder alignment

Enablers / connections

  • Facilitating asset transfer, area planning, campaigning, benchmarking
  • TLB, R&DI, Academia to develop technologies and solutions for decommissioning
  • Skills development
  • Link to other boards as appropriate: BEIS, HM, LLE work-stream
  • Alignment with SE, BEIS and DIT to publicise decom work / contracts
  • Alignment with government forum on decom linking key stakeholders

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