2018 priorities and goals

2018 priorities

1. Modelling for Cost Reduction – Establish a demonstrable cost estimate range for UKCS decommissioning and identify cost reduction opportunities through consistent estimating methodologies and structure, operator engagement and publishing of cost metrics and benchmarks.

2.Regulation in Practice – Enhance industry understanding of current policies, legislation, and related guidance, and share examples of good practice of cost effective compliance. Hold 4-5 workshops and publish outputs from each, declaring 1-3 top findings to drive cost certainty and reduction.

3. Communication - Develop and implement a Decommissioning Task Force communication plan. Shape and provide input to major decommissioning conferences, develop stakeholder map and identify DTF interfaces, share success stories on decommissioning cost reduction.

4. Establish KPIs – Identify draft KPI’s for measuring progress against the decommissioning cost reduction target

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