The OGA has a robust governance structure to deliver transparent and effective decision-making and a robust control and risk environment.

Role of the Board

The OGA Board of Directors (Board) was created in April 2015, when the OGA became an Executive Agency of BEIS, and reached its full complement in November 2015.

The Board comprises a Non-Executive Chairman, three independent Non-Executive Directors, the BEIS Shareholder Representative Director and two Executive Directors, (the Chief Executive and the Chief Financial Officer). It provides strategic leadership to the OGA within a framework of prudent and effective controls.

The Board is responsible to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for the performance of the OGA and operates in accordance with the terms of the Framework Document  agreed between the OGA and BEIS. The BEIS Permanent Secretary, in his role as Principal Accounting Officer (PAO), has designated the OGA Chief Executive as the OGA Accounting Officer (AO).

Chaired by Sir Patrick Brown, the Board has collective responsibility for the strategic direction of the OGA and its long-term success. At each meeting the Board receives reports from the Chief Executive and reviews the performance of the OGA, and it reviews risk management on a regular basis.