Investor Relations

We proactively engage with the global investment community to promote the UKCS as an attractive investment proposition. We maintain continuous dialogue with the industry, regulators, investors, analysts, and other market participants.

The OGA published the first edition of its Investor Overview in September 2018. The aim of this document is to provide investors with a high level overview of why the OGA believes the UKCS is an attractive investment proposition.

The OGA’s Investor Finance team would be happy to have more detailed discussions with those who want to discuss this document further, and can be contacted on

Our engagement plan is set out in our Corporate Plan 2019-2024 which describes the Authority’s priorities and plans for the next five years and sets out how we will continue to work with industry, governments and others to maximise the economic recovery (MER) of the UK’s hydrocarbon resources, consistent with the drive to embody regulatory excellence.

View the latest OGA Overview

We also regularly attend conferences and events and are happy to meet with prospective investors and analysts. Whether you are an existing investor, interested party or are just looking for more information on the UKCS, please contact us at