The Oil and Gas Authority is committed to be a Great Place to Work, creating and maintaining a great workplace is central to our culture.

Why should you join the OGA

We offer opportunities to develop personally and professionally

We encourage employees to balance their work and their personal lives

Employee wellbeing is high on our agenda

We promote a socially friendly welcoming work atmosphere.

We provide purposeful and fulfilling roles that have a positive impact on the Maximising the UK’s Oil and Gas markets.

The OGA's approach to recruitment

The OGA seek to recruit and develop the talent it needs to fulfil our duties to the industry and as a UK Public Body. 

We focus our recruitment approach targeting internal or external markets as appropriate and we are committed to recruiting in line with our values, legislation and best practice.

We believe that a truly diverse workforce is crucial for the OGA, and work to ensure any barriers to genuinely open and fair selection are removed.

As part of our commitment to developing internal talent, and ensuring succession capability, we will by exception utilise managed moves.